I'm Sarina.

I'm a UX/UI Designer with a background in marketing. I help organisations connect business strategy with user needs and desires to deliver creative solutions that solve real-world problems.


Case Studies

Helping users easily track, manage and split their household bills
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Helping wheelchair users discover their best fit wheelchair
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Designing a highly interactive and personalised audiobook app
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Skill Set

Research & User Testing

Creative Ideation

Low & Hi-Fi Prototyping

Brand & Copywriting


A little tidbit about me.

For the past 6 years, I have worked with organisations to help them better understand their audience and communicate their value. Across every touchpoint, I develop the message and design a visual story that resonates with users, ultimately helping both organisation and user to realise their objectives.

It is my intention to leverage my extensive marketing experience in the UX/UI Designer space, to better extend my empathetic and end-to-end design capabilities across the whole design lifecycle.

I recently expanded my skill set by completing an intensive UX/UI Transformation Course at Academy Xi. Engaging in this course demonstrates my commitment to improving user experiences and has allowed me to broaden my understanding of leading design frameworks and principles.

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Sarina Shaw

UX/UI Designer

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We've been in several cross department projects and she has always contributed hugely to the team.

Luc Tai

Co-Founder at Angel K

Sarina has shown responsibility and professionalism at all times, and most of all has been great fun to work with.

Doreen Folkerts Connor

Art Director at Artmaker

She shows a deep understanding of the UX process and was not afraid to explore ideas and concepts.

Ai Lee

Designer at Wine Australia

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