I'm Sarina.

I'm a UX/UI Designer with a background in marketing. I help organisations connect business strategy with user needs to deliver creative solutions that solve real-world problems.


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A little bit about me.

I am a creative problem solver with a background in marketing and design.

For the past 7 years, I have worked with organisations to help them better understand and bring value to their users. I craft ideas, developing them into a design story that resonates, ultimately helping both the organisation and its users to realise their objectives. 

I am passionate about designing digital products that are delightful and provide a positive experience for the people using them. I believe that the key to designing meaningful solutions is to keep business objectives in mind while designing for the user.

Committed to improving my expertise in the design thinking space, in 2020, I completed a UX/UI Transform course at Academy Xi to further develop my HCD skill set. I now share this knowledge with the EY community, regularly facilitating design thinking workshops to share this process across the business.

— Currently a UX Designer @ EY Digital & Emerging Technology

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Sarina Shaw

UX/UI Designer

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Sarina can lead the entire process with a great eye for digital. Professional and always delivers above expectation.

Jaemie Dela Pena

Head of UX at GovConnex

Sarina has a deep knowledge of the entire UX process and ability to tackle complex design problems with passion.

James Ratsasane

Global XP Design Manager at Aesop

She shows a deep understanding of the UX process and was not afraid to explore ideas and concepts.

Ai Lee

Product Designer at Meeco